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    About SLK Creative

    SLK Creative, the Special Event and Hospitality Industries’ premier marketing, public relations, and branding agency works directly with all of our clients to ensure the success of their  “awareness” in the desired communities.

    SLK’s sole purpose is to create and perpetuate brand and company image, create successful campaigns, and get the word out about special event companies, planners, designers, venues, and events – locally and nationally – to those who “need to know” about them. We have really been focusing a lot on restaurants, food and now now parks and outdoor! 

    SLK has created a distinct presence and acute awareness for hundreds of companies, organizations, associations, products, and events – always memorable. Utilizing multi-platform campaigns – from traditional print and email marketing to social media and video – they’ve generated interest and introduced countless new people, events, companies and ideas to magazines, blogs, websites, television, and beyond.

    Constantly working on multiple campaigns, they’re masters of multi-tasking without compromise. Offering the ultimate creativity on all budgets, SLK proves innovation is from the mind – not only from the pocket. Their proven record of return on investment transcends a profession where ROI’s difficult to define.

    From invitations to multi-faceted ad campaigns, SLK puts thought and professionalism into everything it executes. Shari manages every project, has her on the pulse of the industry, and is always hands on. After years in the special events industry, she’s seen, done, learned, and taught – successfully. She takes every client as if they were the only one and gets their message across loud and clear – no matter what!